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Antigua & Barbuda

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lifestyle destination 

Antigua and Barbuda is not only a beautiful country, but it also offers a great lifestyle and is a good spot for non-residents looking to buy property in the Caribbean, with a good business climate and a stable political system.  


Antigua and Barbuda is positioning itself as an ultimate luxury real estate lifestyle destination. It is being compared to the likes of St. Barts and Mustique. The twin-island is poised to augment its ultra-luxury and private island residential and resort collection with five new exclusive developments, with two being in Barbuda. The developments will be lifestyle focused for the active vacationer and wellness seeker with privacy at the forefront.  



Real Estate 

We represent some of the most beautiful and luxurious properties, offering our clients exciting real estate investment and development opportunities. Antigua and Barbuda is positioning itself to attract the astute and discerning global real estate investors who is seeking a second home that offers privacy, safety, unparalleled luxe amenities, lifestyle experiences and easy access via its international airport and sea ports.


This creates a perfect environment for those desirous of owning a second home or selling their property, and it gives such persons the opportunity to realise a return on their real estate investment.


Antigua and Barbuda has various real estate options available to choose from such as private island and ultra-luxury beachfront or waterfront villas, condo and single family homes within well-established gated communities. Most of our properties are lifestyle driven and therefore each villa becomes unique as it is based on the needs of the owner.  


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The capital of Antigua is St. John’s, and it is home to the historic museum and the St. John’s Anglican Cathedral which was originally built in 1681 on the highest point in St. John’s town. It is one of the islands most impressive landmarks providing a majestic view of the St. John’s Harbour. Barbuda is home to a frigate bird sanctuary, the largest bird sanctuary of its kind in the western hemisphere and a natural lagoon. It has lovely powdery pink sand beaches favoured by the late Princess Diana of Wales.


Antigua and Barbuda is home to UNESCO world heritage site, Nelson’s Dockyard, the only Georgian Naval dockyard in the world. The historic dockyard is full of activities where visitors can enjoy historic tours, experience local and international cuisine from a selection of restaurants and unwind at cafes.

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